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Love Affinity!love

Love Affinity! In this page you can calculate your love affinity.

You can find answers to questions like: 'Will she/he be the right person for me? Is she/he my twin spirit?'

How does it work? It's is very simple...fill with yours birth dates and click on the button!

You'll get a number between 0 and 100 and it'll be you love affinity!

News!: Now you can check your love affinity with Celebrities too! If the Celebrity that you love is not on the list (sorry!) don't worry...write a mail to me with his name and I'll add he as soon as possible! Ask for a Celebrity!

Birth date Partner 1


Male Celebrity


Birth date Partner 2


Female Celebrity

Would you like to find out anonymously if you are in the mind and in the heart of the person you secretly love? Try Love at First Sight!

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