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MP3 Ringtones and SMS tones!

MP3 Ringtones and SMS tones! This section of the site contains a collection of ringtones but especially SMS tones for mobile phones that can play the MP3 audio format.

Ringtones are free and freely usable only for personal use and are created exclusively for the site Numerando using the sounds of nature, sound effects and not only.

You can listen and download ringtones! To transfer to your mobile phone please refer to your instruction manual. Have fun and good listening!

For playing it's used WindowsMediaPlayer plugin and it could not work on some browsers

bubble27,92 sec132 KbDownload
bubble14,82 sec247 KbDownload
bongo6,42 sec107 KbDownload
dog18,6 sec310 KbDownload
charge21,68 sec28 KbDownload
charge3,36 sec56 KbDownload
twittering18,24 sec304 KbDownload
owl1,74 sec29 KbDownload
heart11,4 sec190 KbDownload
ghost9,24 sec154 KbDownload
whistle2,7 sec45 KbDownload
firework23,06 sec51 KbDownload
firework18,72 sec312 KbDownload
horse15,66 sec261 KbDownload
gong5,22 sec87 KbDownload

crash8,82 sec147 KbDownload
spell4,14 sec69 KbDownload
hammer3,12 sec52 KbDownload
miter4,26 sec71 KbDownload
dishes4,56 sec76 KbDownload
gunshot216,8 sec280 KbDownload
gunshot16,92 sec282 KbDownload
door3,24 sec54 KbDownload
rocket27,86 sec131 KbDownload
rocket17,22 sec287 KbDownload
stroke22,82 sec47 KbDownload
stroke32,52 sec42 KbDownload
stroke2,88 sec48 KbDownload
laugh2,1 sec35 KbDownload
stream15 sec250 KbDownload

siren28,76 sec146 KbDownload
siren9,48 sec158 KbDownload
squizz1,92 sec32 KbDownload
suspance215,06 sec251 KbDownload
suspance38,94 sec149 KbDownload
suspance17,88 sec298 KbDownload
drum24,14 sec69 KbDownload
drum6,06 sec101 KbDownload
phone12,42 sec207 KbDownload
clink8,28 sec138 KbDownload
train12,12 sec202 KbDownload
trumpet6,18 sec103 KbDownload
thunder6,36 sec106 KbDownload
scream22,82 sec47 KbDownload
scream12,6 sec210 KbDownload

xylophone16,8 sec280 KbDownload