Pregnancy Due Date

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Pregnancy Due Date

On this page you can easily and accurately calculate the estimated Pregnancy Due Date.

When life is renewed with the conception of a baby girl or a baby boy, we remember how magical and wonderful nature is. From the first moments the mother establishes a special relationship with the baby she carries in her womb and, she impatient to bring her to light.

It is possible to calculate the presumed date of birth starting from the first day of the last menstruation or from the presumed day of conception. The presumed date of birth can in fact be calculated mathematically from these data, it is sufficient to calculate 38 weeks of gestation and make a small correction if the period, between one cycle and the next, is not exactly 28 days.

In addition to knowing  the presumed date of birth, the name days of that day, the moon phase will also be displayed  (have you ever noticed the magical coincidence that a woman's biological cycles have practically the same duration as the lunar cycle?) and other useful data for future parents such as the end date of the first and second trimester,    the days of gestation and  the days missing to the happy event!!

So, what are you waiting for... Enter the data and best wishes!

Calculate Pregnancy Due Date

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