Calculate Your Ideal Weight

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Calculate Your Ideal Weight

On this page you can calculate your ideal weight and check your BMI!.

Many scientific studies are done to relate the weight of a person with his health state, although this, they have not arrived to a single result but there are different interpretations that differ for some particular each other.

The method most used to check the health state of a person related to her weight is the one that uses the parameter known as Quetelet index best know as BMI BMI (Body Mass Index) calculated using the following expression:

BMI = (Weight in Kg)/(height in meters)2

comparing this value with the tables drawn from WHO (World Health Organization) we can have a claim about our 'weight status'. It's fairly widespread by physicians the use of other tables that are slightly different to differentiate further the various 'levels of severity', this page will show both results.

The same considerations deserves the calculation of Ideal Weight also in this case, in fact, there is no single expression used for calculating the ideal weight but there are many variations; on this site are used the most used (Wan Der Vael, Lorenz, Broca, Perrault, Keys) and is also calculated an average of all results because ....In medio stat virtus

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