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Chinese Astrology

On this page you can quickly and accurately calculate your Chinese zodiac sign!

The Chinese lunar calendar dates to 2637 BC and according to this calendar the passage of time is divided into 12 parts symbolized by as many animals (Dog, Pig or Boar, Mouse, Bull or Ox or Buffalo, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat or Sheep, Monkey, Rooster).

Each part combines in turn with the 5 essential symbols (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Gold, Water) and then everything ends in a cycle of 12x5 = 60 years.

There are many legends that tell how animals were chosen to symbolize the zodiac such as the one that tells that the Buddha, at the end of his mortal life, wanted to be greeted by the animals of the earth but only 12 responded to the call and these are precisely the twelve animals that were chosen to be part of Chinese astrology.

All legends are however linked by the same common thread: each animal is associated with vices and virtues that, according to Chinese astrology, would be found in people born in the period of influence of individual animals.

To know your Chinese sign and to know your vices and virtues enter your date of birth and read the result!

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