Love Affinity

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Love Affinity

In this page you can calculate your love affinity.

Love is the driving force of the world, it is the force that pushes all people to move forward, it is the spell and magic that allows you to daydream, to walk 3 meters above the earth, to remain in silence for hours embraced, it is the flame that lights the desire.

Love has inspired numerous masterpieces of the arts, from love literature to the most poignant and passionate paintings. Songs, hymns, films, books and poems have been dedicated to love. Even a particular day of the year, February 14, is dedicated to the saint who watches over and protects all lovers, Valentine's Day.

But in this whirlwind of feelings and emotions, how can we understand if the person of our dreams is also akin to our way of being and loving? Will he or she be the right person for me? The other half of the apple? The soul mate? Will we get along well together?

This page is used to answer these and many other similar questions...

How does that work? Nothing could be simpler... enter the date of birth of the two lovers and... Click the button!

You will get a number between 0 and 100 that will indicate your couple affinity!

Calculate Love Affinity



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