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Dreams and Numbers

On this page you can interpret dreams or real facts and convert them to lucky numbers.

The art of extrapolating lucky numbers through the interpretation of dreams, or through the description of an event of everyday life, has very ancient origins and today is often applied to try good luck at the lottery or bingo.

There are several methods for drawing lucky numbers. In this site the interpretation of dreams is based on the centenarian popular tradition (Neapolitan Kabbalah or also known as Neapolitan Grimace) of a beautiful city in southwestern Italy: Naples.

The Neapolitan tradition, in fact, has always been a supporter of numerology and superstition.

Describe your dream using correct language and focus more on the most recurring and characterizing details. More detailed will be the story, the more accurate will be the lucky numbers extrapolation.

The interpretation will generate up to 6 lucky numbers but, if less will be generated and you still want more, try to enrich your story with new details.

NB: The dreams will be published on the site and it will be possible to read them in  the Dreams Archive section; if you want to keep your dream private, remember to check the Do not publish check box before pressing the interpretation button.

NB: If you think that your dream may have content that is not suitable for everyone, check the Unsafe Content check box.

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