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Test Brain Age

Our brain is a perfect machine that allows us to become aware of the world around us and allows us to interact with it. Through the brain, and through the cerebral cortex (the outermost part of the telencephalon that plays a key role in mental processes such as memory, concentration, thinking, language and knowledge), we are able to solve simple and complex problems.

The complexity of the human brain does not allow us to fully study its functioning, however, it is scientifically established, that it is necessary to keep it trained. A trained brain, in fact, allows the body to be fully efficient and also allows to delay its aging.

It is therefore essential to learn to train the brain from an early age and then maintain, even as adults, that healthy curiosity that will allow us to always keep our brain stimulated. To do this it takes little, you can in fact cultivate all those activities that require a mental commitment, light or heavy, such as reading books, studying a new language, learning a new dance, trying a new sport. The important thing, therefore, is to avoid getting lazy in front of the television or in front of a smartphone. Even physical activity, better if performed outdoors is, clearly, very important.

And you, are you training your brain effectively? Find out with this nice test.

Test Brain Age


Brain Age


The result will be influenced not only by your responses (questions without anserw will be how to give a wrong answer ), but also from the time you take to complete the test.

The timer will start at the beginning of the test.


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