The Italian Tax Code

The Italian Tax Code On this page you can calculate the Italian fiscal code from the data of a person

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Following the decree of Italian President of the Republic, 29 September 1973, n.605 the tax code was introduced in Italy. The tax code is the code used to identify on tax registry natural persons, legal persons, companies and associations.

The tax code is an alphanumeric code consisting of 16 digits XYZ.XYZ.00.X.00.X000.X thus divided:

The algorithm or coding system is defined by Italian Ministerial Decree, 23 December 1976

Warning: remember that the tax code can be generated only by the Italian Ministry of Finance that can manage the cases of equality of the tax code (omocodia) between different people too. The code calculated here, although it agrees with official calculation algorithm, is therefore to be considered ONLY PRESUMED

If you want to calculate the tax code (read the warning above!) enter your data .. and the tax code will be generated during typing!

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From Personal Details to Tax Code:

From Tax Code to Personal Details:

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