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Computer Knowledge Test

We are in the computer age... desktops, notebooks, netbooks, Internet and more. Since the 80s, the development of computer science and electronic devices has revolutionized our lives, many people have had to learn to change the own way to think but even today, not everyone feels confident when it comes to computer science and computers. A different argument must be made for digital natives, i.e. people who, from birth, are in contact with electronic devices and therefore live them as an integral part of their lives.

Moreover, continuous technological developments offer new and smarter devices every day and, even in the field of artificial intelligence, progress is being made unimaginable until recently.  Today it is normal to chat with an artificial intelligence and there are also those who claim that, soon, electronic entities will be able to pass the famous Touring test

We are practically surrounded by computers to such an extent that it is impossible to think about our society without their presence. We must not fight against this innovation, but we must embrace it and make the most of it to reap the countless advantages that technology offers us.

What about you? Are  you a slave to computers or can you fully appreciate their advantages? For you the mouse is used to move a cursor or does it mean just mouse in English? Find out with this nice test.

Computer Knowledge Test


Computer Knowledge Level



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