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Italian Geography Test

Italy is unique in the world for its geographical conformation, in fact, anyone is able to guess the name of that particular land surrounded by seas having the characteristic shape of a boot: Italy!

Emblematic are the photos taken from space that show this territory that stands out from all the others for its famous shape.

Italy is a country with enormous geographical riches, in a narrow territory there are kilometers of coastline, beautiful rivers, Apennines and mountains among the highest in Europe, wide crops of fruit and vegetables that, thanks to the mild climate that accompanies the territory, grow strong and luxuriant.

Countless poems have been written to celebrate the beauty of the land that has also seen the birth of the greatest exponents of art and culture ever.

In all the schools of Italy a geographical map of the territory is hung so that, since childhood, students can memorize borders, regions, and cities of this wonderful land. However, it is not always easy to remember all the names shown on the map and above all, after years, it is very easy for memories to be almost completely faded.

And you, do you want to try what is your current knowledge of Italian geography? Test yourself with this nice test!

Italian Geography Test


Test your knowledge of Italian geography with our free online quiz! Answer questions on regions, cities, rivers and mountains and find out how much you really know! What are you waiting for? Start your journey through Italy now!



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