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Numbers, Dreams and.. Surroundings!!

Dream Interpretation After a tiring day what's better than a corroborant sleep? But what happens if we make the most beautiful dream of our life and we want to get from it lucky numbers? Easy ... phones to a number of new Papua through a satellite connection where an affable young lady is prepared to interpret your dreams after 40 minutes of waiting and credit card drained ... this was the first solution...the second one is to try this interpretation Interprets Dreamsyour dream will interpreted in accordance with the ancient popular tradition of a beautiful city in southwestern Italy: Naples and acconding with an algorithm that is based on the paradigm of artificial intelligence and developed by me.

Dream Collection! In this section you can read other people's dreams and look for dreams containing certain words Archivio Sogni! It's beautiful read the dreams of the world!

The Neapolitan 'Smorfia' Through the traditional Neapolitan Smorfia it is possible to associate numbers with dreams and events. The art of making these interpretations is not only Italian but, surely, the Neapolitan 'Smorfia' is the most characteristic and traditional method that binds its bases even to the bases of Naples itself Smorfia Napoletana!

Dream Music! Music is the best way to dream, to fly on wings of imagination and to relax. Not all kinds of music are suitable for this purpose, here you can find a collection of sweet songs that are able to relax everyone. Try it! Dream Music!

Rising Sign (Ascendant) In astrology the Rising Sign (Ascendant) is the astrological sign that rises at east on the horizon at the time of the birth of a person. In the astrological system the ascendant is the first home or cusp and therefore is the starting point of division in case of the sky at the time of birth, and so is very important because it is a representation of how you appear looking from eyes of other persons. Here you can calculate it! Find your Rising Sign (Ascendant)!.If you like to know how calculate the ascendant you can read this tutorial: How calculate the Ascendant!

Chinese Astrology Legend narrates that when Buddha arrived to the end of his earthly life calls all the animals to offer them his greeting. Only 12 animals reply to the call and here sterded the Chinese astrology that represented the zodiac with these 12 animals each characterized by its vices and virtues. Enjoy yourself calculating your Chinese to know your ones! Chinese Astrology!

Moon Phases Sometimes, to dream, it's enough go to the window and look toward the night sky, the Moon, in fact, is able to let us fly, to make us fall in love, it is the confidant to whom we entrust our secrets and our hopes. If you want to know the next view of this wonderful traveling companion of our lives what you need is: Moon Phases!

Give me lucky numbers! Are you looking for a dice? Are you with yours friends playing a beautiful game but dice is lost?

No dices exist on the country?Or do you simply need one ore more lucky numbers? The service right for you is is Give me a number!

Give me a Name! Sometimes it may happen that when we are waiting for a 'new' child we don't not have clear ideas about which name to give to the future baby, the same 'dubt' can occur when a pet cames in our house. However if you are in situation where a 'name' can help to you all you need is: Give me a Name!.

Names and Numbers Another thing that I discovered while doing research for this site is that from the name and from the birthdate can be extrapolated many significant numbers that affect us ... as example there are the Challenge's numbers Or Destiny's numbers ... If you want know all them follow this link: Names and Numbers

NameDay (Onomastic)! The Nameday is the celebration of the name of a person. It is often overlooked but may instead be a golden opportunity to make the best wishes to the people we love, in fact more or less all us remember the birthdays ... but the name-day is remembered only by those who really love us ;) Do not lose even one: Find your Nameday!.

Primes Number! Prime numbers are the numbers divisible olny by 1 and themselves. Furthermore, any composite number can be expressed as a product of primes. For this and other reasons, the prime numbers are full of charm. Find out with Numerando all the prime's number segrets! And download a big prime numbers table! Primes Number!

Italian Tax Code! Perhaps this is the issue less 'magical' on this site but definitely not the least useful. The Fiscal Tax Code, in fact, in Italy is used to identify people for fiscal purpose. Here you can calculate it easily (pay attention to warnings written on the calculation page): Italian Tax Code!. You can get the basilar data starting from tax code too! New! Visit the New Site exclusively dedicated to the Italian Fiscal Code

Bank Interest Calculator! On this page you can perform the calculation of net interest earned through a money deposit on a bank account. The calculation of net bank interest needs to known, of course, the initial capital, the number of days of the deposit and the interest rate offered by the bank, from the amount thus obtained is necessary to reverse the duty year and the statal tax rate on bank deposits. Bank Interest Calculator!.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator! On this page you can quickly and easily calculate the pregnancy due date calculator, the sign zodicale, the name days and the lunar phase of the fateful day. You can calculate it from the first day of last mestrual period or from the day of the alleged conception. Pregnancy Due Date Calculator!.

Biorhythms! Our live is affected by the influences of biological cycles. According to the Biorhythms's theory is possible to study the evolution of these cycles to know in advance will be our predisposition to the success or to the failure in those areas governed by each biorhythm. Here you'll find everything you need to calculate yours biorhythms: Biorhythms!
And now you can calculate the biorhythms with your partner!!Love Biorhythms!

Love Affinity Saturday evening with friends, singles and married... the principal game question 'Who knows if I have more love affinity with you or with Tom Cruise?'... how can you resolve this difficult question? Very easy ... here you can calculate the affinity with your partner or with the very important people you love! Love Affinity

Ideal Weight! Can happens to everyone to ask if our body weight falls in that one is commonly defined Ideal Weight, but although there is no single formula universally recognized to calculate it, it is possible to obtain a sufficiently accurate value by combining the values obtained by different formulas. Also through the use of parameter BMI (Body Mass Index) it is possible to check our 'state of body weight'. If you are interested in taking a small, nice and fast test all you need is: Ideal Weight!.

Sudoku! In a site which is called Numerando can't miss the Sukodu Game!. Sudoku whose full name is Suji wa dokushin ni kagiru is a logic Japanese game in which the aim is to fill a square grid with numbers according to precise rules. Here you can find Sudoku suitable for all levelSudoku!.

Hangman Game! The hangman game has ancient origins at the end of 1800 we can found traces on different books yet. It is a simple and fun game .. There is a secret word which are revealed only the first and last letters, in each round of game the player chooses a letter of the alphabet, if the letter is contained in the secret word it will appear, otherwise the player will receive a penalty and gradually a poor little man will be hanged. Aim of the game is to compose the secret word before the man is completely hung. Try it yourself is easy and fun! Hangman Game!.

Ringtones and SMS Tones MP3! This section of the site contains a collection of ringtones but especially SMS tones for mobile phones that can play the MP3 audio format. You can listen and download ringtones for free! To transfer to your mobile phone please refer to your instruction manual. Have fun and good listening!Ringtones and SMS MP3 tones!.

Brain Age Test! Have you a young mind or a mind asleep? Are your neurons reactive, or they prefer to relax in waiting for better times? Are your synapses more or less efficient? With this nice test you can discover your brain age! Furthermore you can challenge your friends to find out who has the youngest brain and who has the oldest brain!! Test Brain Age!.

InLove Test! What would life be without love? Perhaps simply would not be life. Love has the power to make us happy, it make possible to dream and to look with optimism to the future. There are different types of love and in this test we speak about the love for your partner. At what rate your heart beats when you're near the person you love? And how many are you in love? Find out with this nice test! In Love Test!.

Fidelity Test! Often when we speak about a love relationship we speak inevitably also about Fidelity, in fact, fidelity is often seen as a necessary condition for a relationship to live and grow peacefully... but it is not always the case!Which is your Fidelity Level? Find out it with this nice Fidelity Test Test Fidelity!.

Femininity Test! Femininity is defined as the set of physical and mental qualities that are inherent in a woman ... and You ... are fully aware of your 'being a woman'? Are you able to enchant and monopolize the eyes of the men on you? Are you are envied by other women? Find out the response with this nice test of womanhood! Test Femininity!.

Masculinity Test! Masculinity is the set of psycho-physical characteristics that are typically associated with the men. If these characteristics are particularly evident often it is used the word 'Macho' indicating a man should not ever ask! Macho is often recurrent also in movie where lot of women in love follow his amazing adventures. Are you a macho? What is your level of masculinity? Find out with this nice test of manhood! Test Masculinity!.

Jealousy Test! The Yellow Rose is in the flowers's language, the one that is used to indicate the Jealousy, but what is Jealousy? The Jealousy is a feeling that is in every person and it is linked to the ancestral fear of losing someone or something. The context of use of the word Jealousy in this test is the Jealousy in a love relation who is also the area where it is mainly used. Are you ready to discover your level of Jealousy with this nice test? Test Jealousy!.

Liar Test! Lies have short legs! How many times have we heard this sentence whe we are child? The problem is: we have learned the lesson or we are continuing undeterred to invent little and big lies? You can find out your level of 'liar' with this funny test! Only a recommendation .... answer the questions honestly! Liar Test!.

Computer Knowledge Test! We are in the computer age ... desktop, notebook, netbook, internet and more. We are practically surrounded by computers so that you can neither think of our society without their presence. And you? Are you succubus of the computers or you fully appreciate their benefits? For you mouse is to move a cursor or is only a play for your cat? Find out your computer knowledge with this nice test! Computer Knowledge Test!.

Football Stadiums Test! Football stadiums are the temple of the football supporter, the place where they can externalize their supporters and their love for the favorite team but also the place where they can mock the opposing team and supporter,stadiums are the place where the fans hang their banners. But are you sure to know them? Test your passion for football with this nice test! Football Stadiums Test!.

Sympathy Test! In every party there is always someone who manages to make it happy... with a joke or with a nice story those persons always allow to spend very funny hours with them. Its presence is therefore sufficient to ensure a day of laughter. And you? How are your sympathy? Find out it with this nice test! Sympathy Test!.

Stubbornness Test! There are many adjectives that are used to apostrophise a person stubborn: pigheaded, headstrong... but the phrase that surely better represents person who falls into this category comes directly from popular folklore with the sentence: 'You are as thick as two short planks!'. The really bad thing for these people is that they realize rarely to be stubborn, in these cases there is nothing better than to propose a Stubbornness Test! Few questions and a verdict that leaves no doubt! Stubbornness Test!.

Math Test! Mathematics has always been the most hated argument par excellence. Formulas, numbers, theorems and axioms have populated the nightmares of millions of students. But the math can be fascinating because it allows us to model and better understand the world around us. And what is your relationship with mathematics? Square root puts you in crisis? A logarithm makes you run away? Find out with this cute quiz on math and algebra! Math Test!.

Test Italian Football Champions! The Hall of Fame of Italian Football is the list of football teams winning the Champions Italy Cup and so the Italian football league Serie A, which is organized annually by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC). In this test you must indicate the football team who winning the Italian league championship soccer league football from the year 1980-81! Test Italian Football Champions!






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