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Bank Interest Calculator! - Anatocismo

Bank Interest Calculator! - Anatocismo On this page you can perform the calculation of net interest earned through a money deposit on a bank account.

The calculation is not banal because to calculate the gross interest we have tp considering the capitalized interest (Compound interest or Anatocismo) besides we must take into account costs and taxes.

The calculation of net bank interest needs to known:
  • the initial capital
  • number of days of the deposit
  • Gross interest rate offered by the bank
  • Interest Capitalization Rating

from the amount thus obtained is necessary to reverse the duty year and the statal tax rate on bank deposits.

Fill the fields below with the economic conditions of your bank and the amount you deposited to know immediately the gross and net accrued interest!

Bank Interest Calculator*
*The interest calculation is done using the formula of compound interest (Anatocismo) and is purely illustrative and may vary from the ones really received.
Amount (Euro)

Day of account (Days)
Gross Annual Interest Rate (%)
Interest Capitalization Rate (Months)
Annual bank account tax (Euro)
Tax on Bank Accounts (%)
Gross Interest
Net Interest





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