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Music to Dream!

Music to Dream! On this site we speak often of dreams and often happens that our more beautiful and more exciting dreams birth by listening dream musics that can let us dream and let us fly.

The following musics are suitable for this purpose, play and left soothed by the gentle notes and travels on wings of imagination.

The use of music to relax our body and our mind is an ancient practice, although the first official use is dating 1700 when a London's musician doctor wrote a treatise on music in the medical field. Today we often use the term Music Therapy.

The music is composed and performed by an Italian musician emerging: Annita Frisina, which draws inspiration from his favorite musician: Vangelis, Yanni,Tony O'Connor e Jean Michel Jarre.

The music are written and interpreted by an emerging Italian musician:Annita Frisina.

Every your comment to this music is welcome and you can write it to where you can also request further informations about music composer. Otherwise you can write directly to the musician:

You can find music by Annita Frisina, as well as on Numerando, on these sites too:

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