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The Neapolitan 'Smorfia'!

What is Neapolitan 'Smorfia'

With the Neapolitan 'Smorfia' we can extrapolate numbers starting from places, people and events real or oneiric. this page contains a short description about Smorfia history, instead if you are interesting to extract lucky numbers from your dreams using the neapolitan smorfia you can do it here: Dream Interpreation!

Neapolitan Smorfia history

There is not an identifiable and clear smorfia's history in the literature but there are several legends about its presumed origins.

One of the them that is most credited link the origins of smorfia at the Jewish cabala (Qàbbalah) that uses numerology to assign to each name a number. Others attribute the trend to associate numbers to events to Samo Pitagora (575 b.C).

The popular Italian traditions endorsed this doctrine and has given expression through the 'smorfia', there is not an unique smorfia, as example, there is the famous Neapolitan smorfia (Naples is a beautiful city in southwestern Italy) and there are others one as regional brands like the Marches, Sicilian and Emilia-Romagna (Italian region).

Although the italian lotto (lottery) has not been introduced in Naples from beginnings, (in fact born in Genoa in 1539 and came to Naples officially 150 years later) is in this passionate folk city, that it is mostly integrated into popular culture, so today many neapolitan people use daily the neapolitan smorfia to extract lucky numbers.
Each number is associated with an event and vice versa, and in the Neapolitan tradition are also included in smorfia saints or religious events (Mary, mother of Jesus, is associated with the number 8) and characters of the modern landscape, or the recent past. (For example, Diego Armando Maradona is associated with the number 10).

Let me to emphasize that the lottery has been repeatedly accused of creating false hopes and illusions in the players because the probability of winning are biased in favor of the state and against the player. This site is not intended to be an incitement to the lottery but wants to be a tribute to the Neapolitan tradition where there are my roots. Remeber...if you decide to play, do it in responsible way, no exist easy way to make money and you can even dream with little!!.